The Little Stage

Located a short drive from the Hideaway Farm. This is a loving restoration of a building that Johnny Cash once owned. He was the benefactor of the creation of a little stage here, and supported small intimate concerts for the community – including the “Saturday Night In Hickman County” guitar pulls.


From the 1800s, this building was a general store, next to the railroad tracks, supporting the area, and supplying goods for visitors from throughout the Southern states who were on their way to the cabins in the Bon Aqua Springs Resort.

The property was part of the acreage that the Weems family owned, until Johnny Cash’s accountant purchased the land with misappropriated funds. By that point in time, the general store had been abandoned for some time, and was quite dilapidated. Songwriter Loney Fred Hutchins, Johnny’s Song Catalog Manager, came to Johnny for permission to renovate the building and build a stage, and create a place for young musicians and songwriters. Johnny supported the project, and the general store gained new life.

One of the most significant events that took place at this location was the 20-year anniversary of Johnny Cash being in the music industry. Friends and family members gathered to celebrate Johnny’s impact on music.

20th anv 1.jpg

Sure-speed .JPG

In the middle 1980s, Johnny sold the Little Stage to independent record producer Red Wortham, who converted the building into his studio Sur-Speed. He owned the building until his death, at which point, the building was once again abandoned.


When Storytellers Hideaway Farm owners purchased the building in 2016, it was months from collapse.

Within a year, the building was restored to its architectural beauty, and The Little Stage concert venue opened for country music fans from around the world.

We have brought back the tradition of Saturday Night in Hickman County, and do concerts here several times a month. (See the Events page for details.)

Concert-goers will be able to experience a live musical performance at the renovated stage, and will view rare video footage about The Johnny Cash 20th Anniversary surprise party that took place here, along with the history of this property.