In 1973, Loney Hutchins, Mel McDaniels, and several other young musicians were looking for spaces to play and to gain experience in performing. Loney asked for Johnny’s backing in renovating the abandoned, tumble-down building on Johnny’s property. Johnny gave his full support, including some financing. The young men used their own volunteer sweat-equity, and the rough building soon housed The Little Stage.
In 1973, Johnny wrote and recorded Saturday Night in Hickman County. The only time he released it was on Johnny Cash and His Woman, in 1973.


Loney started Saturday Night in Hickman County concerts, bringing out young singer/songwriters, as well as welcoming well-known artists, including Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, and various Cash and Carter family members. By advertising on Dickson’s radio, locals found out who was playing when, and the studio in Bon Aqua became a Saturday night date-night destination, as well as fun family evening outing.

The New Little Stage.jpg

When Storytellers Hideaway Farm owners purchased the building in 2016, the tradition had been lost, and the building was months from collapse.

Now restored, Saturday Night in Hickman County is coming back to life, with a twist.

Concert-goers will be able to experience live musical performances at the renovated stage, and will view rare video footage about Johnny Cash at the significant historical event that happened here, along with the history of this property.

We welcome anyone to come enjoy live music performed by songwriters and storytellers on the same “Little Stage.”